Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the most effective national energy resources. Our energy experts collaborate with clients to develop energy projects that promote energy efficiency and ecological buildings in different sectors. The company provides the following services in energy field:
– Development, management and implementation of energy efficiency programs
– Implementation of the energy management system in the enterprises (ISO 50001)
– Analysis and development of performance indicators
– Project management
– Energy consulting


– Design of Heating Plants
– Design of Individual Heating Substations
– Design of heating networks
– Design and reconstruction of internal and external heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

Renewable energy

TCD provides consulting services to support the development of renewable energy projects, including water, wind, solar, tidal and biomass energy sources. We are dedicated to our clients, who develop and apply new and sustainable energy sources.

– Feasibility of the site
– Preparation of tender documents
– Biological assessment and environmental impact analysis
– Civil engineering, including planning of access roads
– Identification of potential sites
– Supervision of the construction process


TCD offers environmental, health and safety management services in order to help our clients to reach the project’s objectives. Our approach includes environmental protection strategies, energy efficiency, and productive corporate strategies, to make well-grounded decisions in terms of rational use of raw material and other natural resources.

– Risk management and project safety for the environment
– Feasibility and safety of the site
– Assessment of the impact of construction works on the environment
– Geological and hydrological investigations
– Detailed site investigation, etc.


TCD collaborates with municipalities and other public entities within public sector projects, in order to provide support for planning and foster their development, maintain the progress and develop practical solutions for the infrastructure and community. TCD assists the clients starting with the creation of the project, until the project implementation phase, i.e. development of transport infrastructure, rehabilitation or maintenance of proper functioning of the water supply and sewerage system, improvement of water filtration/treatment capacities, rehabilitation or maintenance of proper functioning of the thermal and electric power supply systems, others.

Water supply and sewerage systems

– Preparation of tender documents and drafting the specifications
– Implementation of energy management system (ISO 500001)
– Improving the financial and operational performance of water management utilities
– Probe analysis
– Examination of water supply systems
– Treatment plant assessment and optimization
– Design of surface storage reservoirs
– Study and analysis of particular problems
– Supervision of aqueducts construction works
– Design of wastewater collection systems

Traffic / Transport

– Construction administration and inspection
– Road design services
– Design of parking appearance
– Road traffic impact studies
– Transport management plans



– Corporate Development Plan
– Financial and Operational Performance Improvement Plan
– Assistance in business restructuring
– Assistance in social impact mitigation after the staff reduction
– Procurement and tender support
– Business plan
– Tariff policy