Tehno Consulting & Design S.R.L. (TCD) is a private consulting and design firm which provides services and assists clients from public and private sector to plan, develop, design, construct, operate and maintain infrastructure projects.

Over the last years, TCD has become a reliable business partner by providing high quality services and excellent technical knowledge during every phase of a project. TCD works closely with national and international governmental companies, in order to design, build and manage many complex and challenging nationwide capital projects.

The primary objective of TCD is to develop, execute, and maintain capital projects in compliance with the work schedule drafted at project inception phase, meeting the budget limits, and performing the expected activities and tasks with skill and accuracy.

The individual and collective experience of company’s workforce renders the capacity to provide cost-effective, intelligent solutions in a timely manner.

TCD provides specialist assistance for any type or size of project, from project origination to project execution. The technical assistance and consultancy services range from one-man ordinary tasks, to challenging, unprecedented missions, which demand a multidisciplinary and proficient team, while the project period may vary from a few days to several years.

Our goal is to deliver profitable, safe and sustainable projects and services for our market customers, including sectors that play a vital role in country’s economy and in people’s daily lives.
Programs involving multiple stakeholders, high budgets, and demanding and limited time frames for activities fulfilment are the toughest. Therefore, TCD’s approach is to anticipate and proactively address challenges and potential difficulties before they negatively impact the working process or project implementation.

Our mission is to act as a company, which provides support for our clients to implement any project, any time, in any environment for the benefit of our customers, employees and the communities we serve.

The concept of providing qualitative services by satisfying the requirements specified by our customers is fundamental to all the activities carried out by TCD.

During implementation of our projects, we apply innovative thinking beyond traditional boundaries.
Currently, TCD staff includes sociology, ecology and engineering experts, institutional specialists, land use experts, financial and legal specialists, economists and management consultants and others.